Shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain


The muscles around the shoulder joint and shoulder pain muscles Leaves rear shoulder pain and armor back to even, it affects parts of the upper arm or elbow, hand, shoulder and arm pain, Because shoulder pain are the main clinical manifestations, other parts of the pain is due to it caused. It can be referred to as shoulder pain.


Etiology Introduction

Because back pain often leads to varying degrees of functional upper limb movement disorder, upper extremity pain barely activated are intensified. In ancient Chinese medicine, mainly with shoulder pain and function was normal influence the lesser, called “shoulder pain” (“Acupuncture and B by”), “shoulder pain” (“via”, “Acupuncture and B by”), ‘shoulder and arm pain “(” Acupuncture and B by “),” Er front shoulder pain “(” Classic “); in terms of function, upper limb movement disorder cannot be lifting as the main clinical manifestations are called shoulders do not move, do not move the shoulder to see Article. Shoulder pain from a disease “via” are attributable to the beginning Arthralgia range, “Acupuncture and B by” called “shoulder Bitong”, “shoulder Zhou Bi”, “acupuncture-funded students” called “shoulder pain Zhou Bi” “Bitong shoulder”, “shoulder paralysis.”

TCM treatment

For the treatment of this disease, it should be done in a timely manner, using Chinese medicine sterile topical cream which play a good role in blood circulation, getting vivid, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, and thus achieving the purpose of tackling the problem. And during treatment warmth is needed, with much-needed rest.

Common syndrome

Cold shoulder pain: this is a lesser shoulder pain, short duration, a mild degree of pain, dull ache or pain nature, and this does not affect the upper extremity functional activities. Shoulder pain of limited range, affects the rear shoulder and shoulder blade Qianche back, or in front of the shoulder and upper arm influence, often the item back or upper arm Juji sense. Shoulder feeling cold, too warm or stroke is pain relief. White fur, floating pulse or normal.

Phlegm shoulder pain: muscles around the shoulder and severe pain, longer course. Although the normal shoulder function actively, but do not dare to severe pain activity, moving it makes the pain even worse, it can cause prolonged healing of the shoulder movement disorder. Shoulder feeling cold, chills, gets warm, although temporarily relieves pain, but overtime is pain, cold feeling still. Due to severe pain, sleep is often affected, as well as diet and normal operation of the patient. Habitually due to severe pain and sweating. Because of the longer course, patients often both experience deficiency symptoms, such as spontaneous, short breath, not working, colds and the likes. Pale tongue white, pulse string or thin string. Bleeding shoulder pain: caused flash Ruoyin twist, there is obvious history of trauma. Without flash twist trauma, severe back pain, tingling pain nature, despite warm and cold, rheumatism Treatment of pain, etc., but is eligible for little effect, prolonged unhealed, and also bleeding shoulder pain. Foil Twisted bleeding shoulder pain may have mild swelling or no swelling, tenderness localized damage which flash twist significantly. Chronic illness bleeding shoulder pain shows no swelling, pain range widely, and no significant pain point. Both can cause pain and shoulder mobility resulting in a mild disorder.

Discriminant Analysis

Cold shoulder pain

Cold shoulder pain and shoulder pain phlegm: cold shoulder pain is the  pain that is mild, and can be called “shoulder Bitong” as shoulder pain and shoulder pain heavier phlegm, pain and shoulder pain for a wide range of relatively cold. It can be called “shoulder pain week’s paralysis.” Both feeling was the cause of the wind cold dampness evil, based on the former feeling cold, while the latter mainly alpine feel. Both pathogeneses is different, cold shoulder pain due to sweating while the wind, or the night lying carelessly cold outside attack, the evil in the skin, is still superficial. But a physically weak person, Wei Yang is not solid skin, often from sweating, easy to feel cold evil and suffering from shoulder pain. “Su asked. Five internal organs produce articles, “says:” lying and wind, the blood clotting in the skin is caused by paralysis. “Golden Chamber”, By consumptive disease blood pulse and governance, “the so-called” Cardiff honor human bones weak skin Sheng, heavy sweating due to fatigue, lying shaken from time to time, plus be a breeze, then get it. “The attack left the evil Su cold skin, meridian whom condensate astringent barrier, made for Bitongkang. It is less pain and numbness of both. If physically weak Wei Yang is not solid the shoulder arthralgia, available Astragalus Gui Zhi Wu Tonga Angelica, turmeric, mulberry and so on; Ruoyin lack of blood, feeling cold evil heavier and more obvious pain, the available Juanbi soup.

Phlegm shoulder pain

Although Yide of shoulder pain phlegm feels the wind cold dampness evil, but the evil feelings of the main alpine and alpine long time lag between the muscles of the evil, the pain symptoms, and the longer course. Often due to a long time lying alpine place, or sweat after dipping the resulting cold water. “Coffin. Zhou Bi articles, “says:” cold moisture off points between the outer flesh, pressing the foam, the foam is too cold polyethylene, polypropylene ranked divide the meat and also split, and split the pain. “Xu Ling fetal note says:. “” Nei Jing “no sputum word, namely foam sputum” foam that is wet, and called a sputum. Urgent and the foam that urgent and sputum, phlegm gather between points meat, “meat divide and split row”, so severe pain, shoulder pain called phlegm. “Nei Jing” calls this “Week Bi” “Acupuncture Zisheng articles” the name of that “Zhou Bi shoulder pain.” Phlegm points between living in the flesh and not out, not only severe pain, and blood is also true, so wet up blood treatment to relieving the main square with the herb aconite Tonga, Poria, Menispermaceae like.

Bleeding shoulder pain

Shoulder pain and shoulder pain phlegm stasis: Foil Twisted bleeding shoulder pain have a history of trauma, sudden onset, local may have swelling, tenderness, pain, tingling properties are mostly affecting the upper limb functional activities, treatment of stasis pain mainly available Taohongsiwu Tonga turmeric, frankincense, myrrh, Eupolyphaga like. Phlegm shoulder pain, severe pain, longer course, no history of trauma, no obvious bruising locally. Its long lasting, but also more of both bleeding, manifested as tingling, stiff tendons, muscle atrophy, no significant changes in pulse moss. In addition to cold treatment 渵 up blood, with blood stasis and blood still need the drug, such as frankincense, myrrh, Sichuan hill-level.

Chinese medicine treatment of shoulder pain

TCM plaster treatment

Early shoulder pain should be treated, and during treatment, it should be kept warm, rest.

TCM resolve

In medicine, this disease has internal liver and kidney deficiency, blood stasis, bones lose Ruyang, external factors are injured workers meridians, blood stasis or foreign aggression closed block wind cold dampness evil, off in the meridians, blocking barrier. Qi can be posted outside Yongsan black Plaster by traditional Chinese medicine chemical composition, temperature and other stimuli, directly on the lesion, increasing internal energy, accelerate blood circulation, improve blood supply, and promote tissue repair, it can improve efficacy, patient cure rate increase significantly, without any adverse effects.


For cervical disease caused by stiff neck and shoulder pain, but also for the treatment of cervical spondylosis based, should be taken with blood circulation, medication Shu meridians role, revise neck and waist capsules are commonly used in clinical treatment of cervical disease, processing is made from 10 herbs, with quick, efficient and long hold on.

Our natural neck pain paste is based on the above theory, the best shoulder pain plaster.


Daily Notes

Strengthening Exercises

Regular exercise, such as health gymnastics, qigong, tai chi, doing exercise, such as walking, a lot is good. Where people doing physical exercise, the body is well built, strong disease resistance, rarely sick, and its ability to resist wind cold dampness evil invasion through physical exercise than those who did not much stronger.

Keep Warm

To prevent exposure to cold, rain and damp, the joints needs to be warm, do not wear wet clothes, wet shoes, wet socks. Summer heat, do not Tanliang by dew, binge drinking cold drinks and so on. Fall dry climate, but autumn is cool, cooler weather, to prevent the invasion by the cold. Bleak winter, keep warm it is the most important.


Diet, living there often, work and rest are the main measures of physical health. Clinically, the patient’s condition, although some basic control, is recovering from illness, often due to fatigue and re-aggravation or relapse, so to rest, activity and rest to moderate.

Maintain a normal state of mind

Some cancers are due to mental stimulation, grief, depression and other mood induced by the disease; but after suffering from the disease, mood swings and often make the condition worse. These are tips mental (or psychological) factors that have an impact on the disease. Therefore, to maintain a normal state of mind and to maintain the body’s normal immune function is important.

Prevention of infection

Some are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis after tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, chronic cholecystitis, dental caries and other infectious diseases and disease. It is believed this is due to the body’s immune response to pathogens of these infections occurred caused by this disease. Therefore, the prevention and control of infection in vivo foci of infection is also important.

Improve Immunity

Life should be taken serious and  ensure adequate sleep, to keep optimistic mood, limit alcohol consumption, appropriate to participate in sports, and note appropriate to add high-quality protein, various vitamins.

Active Treatment

Infection is one of the important factors of rheumatoid arthritis exacerbations or worsening symptoms. Such as dental caries, alveolar overflow pus, tonsillitis, sinusitis, chronic otitis media is an important source of infection must be promptly cured.

Avoid Incentives

Cold, by moisture, stress, triggers fatigue, insomnia, trauma (such as sprains, falls and fractures) are all symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis aggravated, must be avoided. Further treatment medication should be strictly in accordance with the prescribed medication is not the law, without stopping or aggravating factors also induce.


To emphasize nutritional diet, but also pay attention to eating varieties of qualitative balanced diets. Due to a sudden change in eating species is to make rheumatoid arthritis exacerbations or worsening symptoms of important factors, and high-calorie, high-protein, high-fat diet may also lead to the recurrence of rheumatoid arthritis.