Shoulder blade pain

Shoulder blade pain.

Shoulder blade pain treatment.

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Overview of Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder Blade Pain is caused by a long term of muscle spasm. It may be the result of chronic muscle inflammation because of keeping one position for a long time.




Arms ache or shoulder blade pain.

Differential Diagnosis

1. Shoulder and back pain:

1. Many patients have back pain and the common reason is shoulder back or regional bone or soft tissue disease. And some other organ diseases may reflect to the shoulder and back or other part, the tumor may transfer to the shoulder and back part and cause shoulder blade pain.

Therefore, on clinical, treating the back pain cannot simply target on the shoulder or back and blindly adopt treatment methods like massage, scraping therapy, cupping glass, etc., and it may lose the best treatment opportunity.

Continuous intense shoulder pain:

It is often caused by shoulder dislocation and the patient has evident trauma history.

3. Shoulder referred pain:

3. Shoulder pain or hyperpathia caused by organ diseases is called referred pain. The symptoms occur relatively slow, with dull pain or uncomfortable feeling, not completely accord with the nerve direction. The region and the pain feeling are obscure.

Dispersed dull pain and radiating pain in the shoulder portion:

Dispersed dull pain and radiating pain in the shoulder portion are the clinical manifestation of press of suprascapuhir nerve. Press of suprascapuhir nerve is the most common reason of shoulder pain. Some foreign researchers think that this sign occupies 1%-2% of all shoulder pain diseases.

Aching pain in the shoulder portion:

Aching pain in the shoulder is also called leaky shoulder wind, periarthritis of shoulder, frozen shoulder and those with shoulder dysfunction are called frozen shoulders.

Treatment and Nursing:

Ask people around you to help you with massage and this will make you better. Move your neck and shoulder regularly.

If it is a long term disease, it may be divided into bone injury and rheumatism. For the simple one, the plaster can be applied. Be clear about the category of the plasters, some are for traumatic injury and some are for rheumatism.

If it is rheumatism, you can cup the wound part after a shower or you can ask a professional master to help you remove the cold. It will be very efficient.

As for bone injury, you can go to professional massage parlor to receive massage for one week. Though acupuncture and moxibustion therapy has a slow effect, but it can cure from the root.

The diseases should be treated at the very early stage. If all the listed methods are ineffective, you can go to hospital for an orthopedist.