Neck and shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain treatment.

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Neck and Shoulder Pain

“Busy” is the most common adjective for describing the living state of modern people. Open the data book, slide the mobile-phone to enter into the schedule, and there is a string of backlog.

Rest time become luxurious. Under this kind of living mode, full of pressure and tense emotion, many people present a combat position involuntarily, that is “the head and jaw lean forward and the shoulder is hunched up”.

Think of the conditions when you are busy at work, aren’t you in a position like this?

The office workers must sit right beside the table, paint, surf he internet, stand, talk, etc., and sometimes work overtime, with hypomotility and insufficient sleep, and with time goes on, diseases like shoulder pain, neck pain, stiff neck, waist pain, back pain, ischialgia, stomachache, astriction, eye acor and hypopsia will occur.

Office workers who have to type or staring at the computer screen for long time, should “wag head” for three minutes every hour to release shoulder pain, neck pain and stiff neck.

Because this movement can eliminate the stagnant blood, activate the carotid artery and make the respiratory tract smooth.

It can also adjust the cervical vertebra, avoid blood clotting in the shoulder and neck portion and make the accumulated tiredness disperse; or one day, when you wake up, you may find you get a stiff neck and cannot move you neck.

Causes of Shoulder and Neck Pain:

  • Always keep one position.
  • The head and the jaw lean forward and the shoulders are arched.
  • The shoulders are arched spontaneously because of tension, being busy and pressure.

The office workers that always sit before the computer, the workers that always keep one position and students are the victims of shoulder muscle rigidity.

Maybe people think that shoulder ache is very common, but in fact, if the muscles lack of stretching for a long time, it will result in muscle fibrosis; when the muscles loss the elasticity, the activity will be delayed. As a result of this, the living quality will decrease.

On the diagnosis of shoulder muscle rigidity, the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine often bases on the selffeeling of patients and palpation.

By pressing, see the soft degree of muscle and get to know the strained state.

The ideal shoulder tactility is soft, and it is easy to press. When the shoulder muscle is stiff, it feels like tough rock, but like ropes and there is aching pain when being pressed.

Overwork is the potential cause.

Shoulder Muscle Rigidity Symptom:

  • The shoulders ache and the muscle is rigid, uni or bil.
  • The pain symptom will get severer as time goes on. Generally, the discomfort will not occur in the morning, but at the afternoon, and it will get worse at nightfall.
  • The shoulder will have pressing pain, but it will have short comfortable feeling after being pressed.

How to treat shoulder neck pain?

From the point of traditional Chinese treatment, shoulder muscle rigidity is caused by retention of vital energy and blood, so the treatment point is to relax the muscle.

According to clinical diagnosis experience, hot compress, massage, manipulation, acupuncture and moxibustion are all good methods treating shoulder muscle rigidity.

Commonly, one or two times of treatment will help the condition.

However, the shoulder muscle rigidity of most people is caused by working and living habits, so if they want to solve it fundamentally, it will be difficult.

For most people, they only go to hospital when they feel uncomfortable. Although, going to hospital is the correct decision when they are feel achy. It is hoped that everyone should learn self healthy care. Every 50 minutes after work or learning, they should get up and do some exercise.